Area Attractions

Lake Amistad offers top quality, year-round, freshwater fishing.  You have the option of fishing from the banks of the lake or from a boat.  There are numerous boat ramps to choose from.  If you prefer to see others fish, not a problem, fishing tournaments are common throughout the year.  They range from local to national tournaments, which include ESPN’s Bassmaster Elite.

If you’re not one to go out on the water, don’t worry about it. The Amistad area is for land lovers, too.  There are picnic areas and hiking trails open to the public.  If you’re an early riser, you might get a chance to have some coffee with the park ranger or go on a guided bird walk.  Depending on the distance you’re willing to travel, you can visit some Native American Rock Art.  Seminole Canyon is located about 40 miles northwest of Del Rio.

In Del Rio there are a plentiful amount of places you can visit.  Since it is a growing city and more businesses are being brought in, this gives you a greater option of things to do and food to eat.  Del Rio has Mexican, Italian, and Chinese food, and of course American food.  Depending on the time of the year you choose your visit, you might be here when Del Rio has their great celebrations like 5 de Mayo, Fourth of July, 16 de Septiembre, and the Christmas parade. During these events there’s music, food, and lots of fun. The Whitehead Memorial Museum also has some fun events for the family; each year they host Oktoberfest and an Archeological Fair.  The Del Rio Chamber of Commerce and the Val Verde Winery also host a wine tasting event.  For More information about local events please contact the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce.